Buying New & Used Text books in the US

"Books are students’ best friends". In order to be succesful academically, it is important for a student to have access to text books. However, being a student, it is understandable if you have limited budget. Therefore, we provide several options of getting a text book depending on your need and financial condition.
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How can I find out the text book that I need for my courses?

In the first class or first meeting, your Professor will tell you the text book that he / she will be using for his / her class. So, you can wait until the Professor tell you before buying your text books. However, if you want to know the text books that you need in advance, you can always check out your campus book store and see the text book that is assigned by the professor for his / her course. That way, you will have more time to find a cheaper source of text books. You can write down the tittle and the author of the book or the ISBN number of the book, then try to buy it somewhere else.

Some colleges / universities post the required text books on their class catalogue. If that is the case, it is even easier for you to figure out text books that you need.

Where can I get my text books?

  • Campus Bookstore: The easiest way to get a text book is from the campus bookstore. However, usually it is the costliest option. (If you need the book immediately and you don’t have a problem with money, then this is the best option for you)

  • Off-campus Bookstores: Usually there will be a couple of off-campus bookstores located nearby the college / university that also sell text books used in that particular college / university. Generally the books are cheaper in these off-campus Bookstores than ones at the campus bookstores. You can also get a used text book for a better price.

  • On campus Advertisement / bulletin boards: Check your campus’ Advertisement board for advertisements from, students who want to sell their books. If you are lucky, you might find a better deal there.

  • On-line Bookstores: If you have a lot of time before you need the book (before the class start), buying text book on-line is always a good idea. You can find some very nice deals online. You can also choose to buy a new book or a used book. However, you might want to read the review of the seller. Some sellers take a long time to send you the book.

  • International editions: You can also ask your professor if you can use an international edition text book. Usually it is cheaper than the US edition. If you have family or friends coming to the US, you can ask them to help you buy the book from your home country.

  • Friends / Seniors: Trading books with your friends can be the cheapest way to get a text book. You can also borrow the book from your seniors if they don't want to sell it but willing to lend it to you.

  • Library: Most US Universities have libraries with a very good collection of books. Some states even have a website that link university libraries databases within the same state. Therefore, you can browse through and borrow books from other university via this website. You can borrow the book for 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the library policy and the demand of the book.

Should I buy and bring text books from my home country?

Yes, you can buy and bring text books from your home country. The main benefit is that it would be much cheaper. However, your luggage is limited, and even in the US you can buy text books at a very reasonable price.

How can I sell my text books?

After you’re done with the course, and if you think that you don’t really need the book, you can sell your book to one of those sources above. You can also donate your book to the library.









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