Sources for Academic Research

Writing a paper is part of every day student life. In order to writte a good paper, you would need to do a thorough research on the topic that you need to write. Hence, you would need to know where to get the research materials that you need.

Where can I find research material for academic purposes?

  • The internet has been a really great source of research. You can do a simple research from search engine such as or or you can do a more elaborate research through on-line databases.
    However, in most cases, you would need to have a user ID and password to access these databases. if you access these on-line databases from your home you would have to provide your own user ID and password. However, If you access them from an on-campus sites, such as library or computer lab, you don't need to provide your own user ID or password since the college / university normally already subscribe for it.

  • Campus library or public library is another source, especially if you need a hard copy of the research material, or if you can’t access the material through the internet.

  • Usually, there is a particular website that links campus libraries databases within a particular state. That way, if you cannot find your research material from your own campus, you can borrow it from the library of another campus.

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