Flying to USA

What are travel related issues that I need to do / prepare?

  • Ticket to the US, obviously! You can buy a one-way ticket or two-way ticket depending on your need. For more information on this topic, please visit our 'Airlines' section.

  • If possible find somebody to pick you up from the airport, especially if you are not familiar with the area.
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If you have family, friends, or scholarship provider that can pick you up, that’s great. If not, try to contact your international student office and see if they can arrange somebody to pick you up. If your international student office does not provide such service, try to contact your country’s student organization in the university or any other social organization in the area. If you still can’t find anybody to pick you up, do not panic. You can always find airport taxi ready for you.

What all documents should I keep with me while traveling?

You should always keep with you the following documents while you are travelling to the US:

    • Passport that has your visa

    • Boading passes / tickets

    • I-20 / DS-2019

    • Admission letter from the College / University

    • Some cash in dollars (at least $150 with some change, $1, $5 and $10 bills)

    • I-94 (You will receive it during your flight)

    • Important phone numbers such as the numbers of the College / University officials, friends / students / professors from your University, your family members in your home country, etc. In case your flight is delayed, please call the person who is supposed to pick you up from the air port and let him know about the delay.

    • Have a Calling card that will allow you to make international calls. Please check out our 'Calling Card' section for more information.

For more 'Flying to USA' information, please check out our 'International Air Travel' section.


Be sure to come to the US before the school orientation date. You will learn a lot in school orientation, especially if you are not familiar with the US life or if you don’t have a family / friend here in the US to explain it to you.




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