Finding a Roommate in the US

Finding a suitable roommate can sometime be very tricky, especially when you’re new to an area and you don’t know anyone in that area. If you’re lucky you can find a roommate that you can get along with real quick, but you might end-up with a wrong choice as well.

In this section we address the various FAQ's regarding searching and getting a roommate(s).

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.How should I search for a roommate?

Check out some web sites that provide listings of apartments and roommates. On some web sites, you can even check out the profiles of your prospective roommates. You can also post your ad on these web sites.

If you stay on-campus, check with your college authorities for a list of potential roommates. Some, International Student Offices carry a list of new students who would be interested in sharing an apartment.

You can also check out ads displayed or post an ad on the college notice boards. You can post your expectations for a roommate, your profile and also the information about the apartment (such as rent, rooms, etc.,) that you are currently staying in.

Make sure you put honest information on the web site or on the board, so you don’t disappoint your potential roommate. If you already have a room, you can informally interview your potential roommate by inviting him over to have a look at your apartment. This way, you get to see yor potential roommate and you can choose the roommate that you think you will get along well.


I am staying on-campus. How should I find a roommate?

If you are required to stay on-campus, usually the College/University will assign a roommate to you. However, before doing so, they will ask you whether it is all right to share your information with your potential roommates. It is always a good idea to let your potential roommate know who you are. Be frank and open about your self and explain what you expect from your roommate. This will help your potential roommate decide whether you will be compatible with him or not and vice versa. Your College/University will not share your confidential information. In return for sharing this information, you will also be able to seek information about your potential roommate.


I am staying off-campus. How should I find a roommate?

College / university orientations are a good place to find potential roommate(s). If you’re a new student and you need to find your own roommate, it is a good idea to find a roommate when you’re attending the school orientation. This way you will at least meet and talk with your potential roommate, and you will have an idea of whether you can get a long with him/her.


Tips for getting a roommate

Let your potential roommate(s) know about your preferences such as smoking / non-smoking, vegetarian / non vegetarian, pet allowance, the cleanliness of the apartment, whether you like partying, drinking, etc



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