Getting Furniture in the US

Once you move to a new apartment, you will definitely need some furniture such as coffee table, dining table, book shelf, cloth shelves, TV table, chairs, couch, etc.

If you are lucky, some apartments, especially the on-campus ones, will have a basic set of furniture; and a couple of the apartments might even be fully furnished. However, most probably you would have to buy your own furniture.

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New furniture

You can check out the local furniture stores or look on-line for new furniture listings. Some on-line store provide a nice "back to school" deal that will be good for you.


Used furniture

Used furniture maybe a good option for international student because they are cheaper and some of them are like new. You can check out the local furniture stores or look on-line for used furniture listings. You can also check with your seniors or buy from students who are moving to other places. One website that many people use to find a used furniture is


Free furniture

Some local social / religious organizations such as Churches and YMCA's provide free furniture to students. These organizations usually provide the furniture for free because they receive the furniture in donations. Check with your college's International Student Office for information about such organizations.



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