Moving (Shifting) in or out of a House / Apartment in the US

Moving from one apartment to another is a part of your student life. Many times its because you are moving in to your friend's apartment or because you are unhappy with the previous apartment. In any case, moving can be a big headache if you do not plan properly.

If you do not have a lot of stuff, a car should be enough to move your stuff. However, If you have lot of stuff such as desk, couch, desktop computer, TV, microwave, etc, then its a good idea to rent a van or a truck. This will be very efficient and will save you from lot of work as you can move all of your stuff in probably one trip.

In this section we provide answers for the general FAQs about moving (shifting) to a new house or apartment.
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How much does it cost to rent a truck / van?

The cost of renting a truck / van depends on the rental company. However, usually it does not cost much to rent a truck / van if you move locally within your city or town. Some rental companies will charge you basic rental fee for about $20 per day. However, the cost will also depend on the size of the truck / van (the smaller the vehicle, the cheaper it will be), how many miles you are travelling (the less distance you travel, the cheaper it will be), where you are dropping off the truck / van (it will be cheaper if you drop off the vehicle at the same location), cost of gas, etc.


Where can I find a truck / van rental company?

You can easily find a truck / van rental company on-line, either fron on-line yellow pages or mapping website. If you already know the name of the company, you just need to go to store locator option on their websites to find a store neaerst to your location.


I am moving out of state and I have lot of stuff with me. What should I do?

If you like you can hire a professional moving company. The moving companies will transfer all your stuff from your old location to your new location. However, you can also rent a truck / van from a company that provide service nationwide. The later option will be cheaper for you.


Where can I get the empty boxes for packing my stuff?

You can buy these boxes at a very cheap cost (as low as $3) at FedEx or UPS stores.


What all documents are required by a Truck renting company?

In most cases, you just need to show your driving license. Some companies may require that you have a major Credit card not a Debit card.


Being an international student, do I need to tell someone that I am moving to a new place?

Yes, as international students, when you move to a new place, you have to report the change of address to your International Student Office. This is required by the immigration law. You are also required to mail a 'Change of Address' form to the SEVIS office.


What about my mail? What should I do so as to receive my mails to the new address?

When you move to a new place, it is better for you to inform the USPS about it, and ask them to forward your mail to the new address. You can do so by going to the nearest USPS office or go on-line to USPS website. You can find additional information about this on their website by checking out the 'Change Address' section. You will have to provide your your old address, new address, and the date the forwarding e-mail becomes effective.


I will be temporarily moving to another place? How can I ask the USPS to hold my mail for me?

You will have to go to the nearest USPS office and buy a temporary box where they will hold all your mail. You can find additional information about this on their website by checking out the 'Hold Mail' section.

For more information check out the USPS website. You can also check out our Postal Service section.



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