Basic Info about Immigration Rules & Regulations for International Students in USA

Studying in another country means having to deal with immigration rules and regulation of that country. Studying in the US is not an exception. Once you are admitted into a particular college / university in the US, you should immediately familiarize yourself with the immigration rules and regulations that the US government impose on international students.

In this section we provide the basic info regarding immigration rule and regulation for international student in USA.

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As an international student, following are the basic immigration issues that you will have to go through:
  • Once you are offered an admission, the college / university will send you a I-20 or DS-2019 form along with your admission package. You will need your I-20 / DS-2019 to apply for a student visa. If your I-20 / DS-2019 is not included in your admission package, contact the international student office of your university immediately.
    Note: If you are getting funding other than from your college / university, your DS-2019 will be issued by the financial aid responsible officer.

  • Make a Passport or check the expiration date on your Passport if you already have one. If the expiration date is within six months, we suggest that you renew your Passport, so you don’t have to worry extending your Passport while you are in the US. In addition, most likely you will be having trouble in getting a US visa if your passport is expiring in six months.

  • Take an appointment with the US embassy / consulate in your country for a visa interview.

  • Appear for visa interview to get your student visa. Make sure that you bring all required documents for the visa interview.

  • Make several copies of your immigration documents and put them separately from the original. Keep one set at home (in your home country), just in case if something happens with the original documents.

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Included are information regarding employment issue, transfer school, travel issue for international student, and how to maintain your legal status here in the US.




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