Immigration related Legal Services in the US

Normally, the International Student Advisor at your University will provide you sufficient advice and guidance about maintaining your legal status here in the US within your course of study.

However, if you decide to pursue a career in the US after you graduate, you will most likely need an immigration attorney to help you apply for an H-1B visa.

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You can legally apply for yourself and your International student office might help you, but the process is complicated and time consuming. It will be better for you to hire an attorney and let him/her do the application process for you.

Finding and hiring an attorney is your own responsibility. Your International Student Office may also recommend you a particular attorney, but you have to hire your own attorney if you need one.

Hiring an attorney for sure will cost you relatively big amount of money, but keep in mind the rule of thumb - quality comes with cost. Be sure that your attorney has enough experience to represent you. Inexperienced attorney might charge you less attorney fee, but if he/she fail you, the consequence might be severe for you, including having to leave the US. You should not take that chance if you really want to stay in the US.












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