Family Insurance for International Students in the US

In this section we address various questions regarding Health insurance for Family members in the US.
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Why do I need Family Insurance ?

The medical costs in the US are relatively high compared to other countries. These costs can include doctors' appointments (on-campus and off-campus), medication, and countless tests and procedures. As an international student, you don't want to risk yourself financially by not having a health insurance as health insurance can offer you protection from catastrophic financial losses.

Family Insurance will protect your family (spouse/kids/parents) financially from medical emergencies, medication, doctor's bills and even from hospital visits.


What plan should I buy if I have a spouse/kids/parents or if I have my family visiting me in the US?

If you have a spouse and/or children you can buy family health insurance plan. These plans are cheaper compared to individual plans. If you have your parents visiting you in the US, you can also purchase health insurance for them.

No matter what plan you select, please carefully read the various terms and conditions of the plan so as to make sure that the plan says what you are expecting from it.


What are the different payment options for an insurance?

The payment depends on the length of your family insurance contract and the number of people included in the plan. When buying a family insurance, you will be presented with the option of buying the insurance for one year / six month / one month, etc. The benefit of buying one year contract is that you can get some discount and you don’t have to worry about renewing your insurance every month. The benefit of buying the insurance monthly is that you are not bound for a contract and you can move to another company if you are not happy with the services provided by the first company. However, the downside will be that you will have to remember to renew your plan every month or so. In order to avoid all the hassles, you can choose to renew insurance every six moths. Most companies will send you either email or mail reminders notifying you to renew your insurance.


How does a family health insurance plan works?

The way family heath insurance works is the same as the way a single health insurance work. When you or your family member get sick or hurt, you go to the doctor or the hospital and get or purchase the medication. You can then call the contact number on the card that the insurance company has provided and let them know about your illness. They will ask you to send them the receipts of your treatments and medications. They will then call up the doctor/hospital to confirm. Once confirmed, they will verify what all has been covered by your insurance clauses and accordingly they will refund you your money. Sometimes, the companies might ask you to go on their web site and fill up the claims form. Some hospital / doctor's administrative assistant will help you to file the claim


Should I buy a family health insurance plan from my home country?

Generally, health insurance plans provided by your home country will be cheaper. However, efficiency is questionable. Most insurance companies in the US will have links with doctors and hospitals in the US. In an emergency, these companies will serve you better. We suggest that you buy only the first one month insurance (the month when you are going to arrive in the US) from your home country. This will cover you in your travel as well as give you enough time to buy suitable insurance in the US.


Please explain me the various terms used in an health insurance plan.

The following websites explain the various terms used in the health insurance plans:



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