Calculate your GPA for US colleges and universities

Some international students have a question regarding calculating their GPA while applying to US colleges / universities because their home country do not use a GPA system.

GPA stands for Grade Point Average. All American colleges and universities use the GPA system in grading tests and exams. However, in other countries the academic institutions may or may not use the GPA system. Therefore, in this section we try to put some information regarding GPA system

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What will happen if I submit a transcript that does not follow a GPA system?

As every country has its own grading system, the US colleges and universities use a formula to convert your grades into the GPA system. This link provides you more information about how the GPA system implemented in the US (Source: wikipedia, 2007).

How to convert my mark / grade into a GPA system?

For those of you who comes from a country that use percentage system, such as India and Nepal, below is the approximate conversion table provided by wikipedia. Students from other countries should refer to this link for information on GPA conversion.


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