Tips for Getting a Scholarship / Assistantship for Studying in USA

Getting a scholarship / assistantship while studying in the US is not at all easy. There are hundreds of other international as well as American students studying along with you and everyone will be applying for the same scholarship / assistantship positions. Especially, since many universities have slashed their budgets in recent years, getting a scholarship / assistantship has become extremely competitive.

You need to use certain strategies while applying for scholarship / assistantships. In this section we provide you various tips for applying and successfully getting the scholarship / assistantships.

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  Scholarship Tips

  • Try to do a scholarship research to as many sources of scholarships as possible. Visit list of scholarship provider in the Scholarship section
  • There are so many scholarships available here in the US. However, you might not be eligible for all of them. When you find a particular scholarship that is interesting for you, first check the eligibility. If you are eligible, go ahead and do more research on that particular scholarship. If not, do not waste your time reading through all the requirements.
  • Apply to as many scholarships as possible which requirements are closest to your profile. That way your chance of getting scholarship is bigger.
  • When applying, keep in mind that some scholarships require you to go back to your own country. If you have a long term plan to stay in the US, you might want to think twice before applying to these kinds of scholarship (e.g. Fullbright Scholarships). If you get these kind of scholarship and later you decide to stay in the US. You may ask for a waiver not to come back to your country, but this waiver is very hard to get.
  • Other scholarship (i.e. from a corporation) may require you to work for that company after you graduate. You might also want to check that out carefully.
  • Usually it takes a while for the sponsor to decide on who is going to be the recipient of the scholarship, so always apply early. Do not wait until the deadline is approaching before you apply.
  • Most of the scholarships require you to write an essay. List all of your important achievements and experience. Mention that you deserve to go to college (or back to college for a higher education), but your only obstacle is money/funding.
  • Having a back-up source of funding is a good idea, especially if the scholarship is only a partial scholarship.
  • Going through scholarship applications takes time and efforts. You are not alone; any scholarship hunter would go through the same process. Be patient and don’t give up if you don’t get the scholarship immediately. Keep trying. When you finally get the scholarship everything is paid off.


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