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You can help us improve by providing us a Testimonial / Feedback about this portal. Your feedback will help us know the direction we are going. We need your encouraging words. We also welcome constructive criticism. You can let us know what you like about this portal. You can also tell us what additional information and enhancements you would like to see here or even point out our bloopers such as spelling mistakes or incorrect information.

Below are some of the Testimonials / Feedback that students have written for us. We would love to hear from you as well.

  • "You have done a commendable job by building this website. It is a concise and to the point info-provider. I will definitely recommend it to my juniors and friends. Thank You." - Siddharth

  • "Thinking of going to the US, I was terrified !! Not one person could help me, until I stumbled upon your site. Now, life seems such a smooth flow. You taught me like I was a baby, and I have absolutely no apprehensions now.  Thanks a ton !! " - Suhas

  • "Thanks for helping so many students like me who are in dilema. But one suggestion i like to give is u give the information according to the branch or field of interest .i mean to say i am doing now chemical engineering so if u give information about career options in USA in particular it will be much more helpful i think. Anywayz thank u very much" - Swetha

  • "I think this website is a great idea to help international students and I have always wanted to be a part of something like this being a former international student myself. I was reading through your student loans section and thought to let you know that international students can get a loan called ISLP (internation student loan program) and you could probably add the website link http://www.iefc.com/ to ur site. This site should try to as specific as possible in providing information in order to be able to help curious students. I hope this helps. Feel free to write back to me with your comments." - Yash

  • "It's a great work !! Congratulations, really useful, thorough guide to follow :-) " - Nova

  • "Website is cool. All the best !" - Vineel

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