Maps & Directions in the US

When you are still in your home country or when you just arrived in the US. You might wonder, how do you get arround and find the place that you need to go to, such as grocery stores, religious building, federal building, library, etc. Later when you want to travel around the US, you may also need a direction to the place that you want to visit.
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How do I find a direction to the place that I want to visit?

Currently there are two main websites that people use in the US to map the place which they want to visit and also provide a direction to that place. The two websites are:



Both websites provides you direction from the place you want to start (e.g. your apartment) to your intended destination (e.g. library). You might need both addresses in order to get the accurate direction.


How do I find the direction of the common places in my area such as grocery store and hospital?

If you try to find the direction to a common public places, such as airport, banks, grocery store, restaurant, hospital pharmacies, etc, you can ask the website to provide you the direction to those places. For instance if you want to to a grocery store, you simply need to map your starting point (e.g. your apartment), and click or type "grocery store" in the space that the websites provide. They will map all grocery stores nearby your starting point. You can also ask these websites to provide you the direction to that place.



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