Local Public Transportation in the US

In this section we discuss about the public transportation with the US. The two most common modes of public transportation in the US are bus and train (also called as Metro).
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How do I find information about public transportation in my area?

The easiest way to find the information regarding the city bus or train is by using your preferred search engine over the internet. You can just search the word: bus or train and type your town or city name next to it. Most likely you will get the link for your local transport. Once you enter your local bus / train‘s website, you can easily check the schedule, fee, and how to obtain the ticket. The other way to find the information is by asking your campus information center.


Any tips regarding using the public transportation?

Using public transportation is efficient if your campus has easy access to bus/train stations, and if the bus/train has a frequent schedule. Most of the time, the frequency of the bus/train will be high in the morning and evening rush hours. At other times, you will find yourself spending a lot of time waiting for the bus/train. One important point to remember is that most of the buses and trains in the US are very punctual. So, be on time at the station, otherwise you will have to wait for the next one.











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