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GlobalStudentGuide.com was created by Bhushan Lengade (India) and Yulia Chandrahalim (Indonesia) along with the support and help of many friends. We are former international students, and are currently working in a Fortune 500 company in the US.

The idea for this potal was born when we were helping our friends who were planning to study in USA. Since most of them had similar questions, we were sending similar information to them via email. Then the thought struck us that there are thousands of students around the world, who have similar questions about studying in USA. Even we, as former students, had to deal with many issues and face difficulties for not having proper information. Looking back, we think that we could have taken better decisions had we access to comprehensive, reliable and accurate information about education in USA.

Therefore, we started GlobalStudentGuide.com to provide free one-stop information to all international students. We hope that we will be able to satisfy the objective of this web site. We will greatly appreciate if you give us your feedback as this will help us know the direction we are going. You can also tell us what additional information and enhancements you would like to see here or even point out our bloopers. Please check out our Support Us section for more ways of helping us in this endeavor.

Thank you and welcome to the GlobalStudentGuide.com community !

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