Application Process Time Table for US colleges and universities

Generally, you will be spending 1.5 yrs (18 months) to 2 yrs (24 months) for the entire process of preparing your education in the US. Please note that this time varies depending on various factors such as your devotion, talent, preparation of GRE/GMAT/TOEFL and above all your Lady Luck!

Below, we present the average timeline for most students. You might find yourself doing these activities simultaneously.


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Time before arriving in the US


20 – 18 months

Decide on your field of study and the level of education (Bachelor, Master, PhD, etc).

Research and select the colleges / universities that you would like to attend. Research for Scholarship / Financial aid if you need one.

18 – 8 months

Prepare for the required exams (SAT / GRE / GMAT / TOEFL). Take the exams and send the score to the selected Universities.

8 – 7 months

Prepare the application documents required for each college / university that you have selected.

6 – 5 months

Apply for the admission, send your application packet. Also, if you have not done so, apply for the scholarships.

3 - 2 months

You should hear about your application status (granted / denied) from the colleges / universities that you have applied to. You should also hear about your application status from the scholarship / financial aid provider.

2 - 1 months

Apply for the US student visa, and prepare for your departure (check out our Coming to USA section).

0 month

Arrive in the US (check out our Coming to USA section).


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