Support Us is a portal of the students, for the students and by the students. This portal is a knowledge power house for international students planning to study or currently studying in USA. All the comprehensive information provided in this portal is absolutely free. The portal is continuously updated to provide the latest information to the students.

However, in order to continue providing a free platform to international students, we need your support. We appeal to all of you to support us in any possible way you can.

You can support us (Global Student Guide) in our endeavor through the following ways:

  1. Spread the word: You can help us in achieving our mission by telling about to your friends. Use the ‘Tell Your Friends’ form to share about us with your friends.

  2. Share your experiences: You can contribute by writing articles based on your personal experiences so that other students will not commit the same mistake(s) if they are in a similar situation. You can share various experiences regarding studying in USA such as how you got into your University, how you got a scholarship / assistantship, visa issues, any interview experiences, internship experiences, etc., or even share experiences regarding buying or selling a car, buying insurance, etc. We will publish your experiences in our ‘Articles’ section along with your name, a bit of personal information and your photo. Please check out our ‘Articles’ section for more details.

  3. Provide Feedback: You can help us improve by providing us a 'Feedback' about this portal. Your feedback will help us know the direction we are going. We need your encouraging words. We also welcome constructive criticism. You can let us know what you like about this portal. You can also tell us what additional information and enhancements you would like to see here or even point out our bloopers such as spelling mistakes or incorrect information.

  4. Support our Projects: In the near future, we plan to support various not for profit projects related to education in developing countries. Currently we are in the process of selecting the projects. We will soon be providing details about this.

  5. Be a contributor in the Forums section: In the 'Forums' section we expect that many prospective as well as current students will post specific questions. Due to limited man power we will not able to answer all of them. We will appreciate if you can answer some of these questions based on your knowledge or personal experiences.

  6. Donate: You can help us with the maintenance costs of this portal by donating some amount. Any amount will be appreciated. We are currently working on this Donation system.


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